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Best Android Apps that are NOT on the Play Store

Best Android Apps that are NOT on the Play Store

Best Android Apps that are NOT on the Play Store

Nowadays most apps and system UIs have an option for a dark theme but there is still a handful that doesn’t support it that’s why I downloaded DarQ with a Q to force enable a dark theme on a per-app basis and throughout the entire UI. Now the app itself does require android 10 or above to work and it can’t be a bit tedious to set up. Of course, it’s not perfect and some apps are not even supported at all such as Snapchat, uber, doordash, or google maps but it still gets the job done. You can download it for free from XDA labs.

Now one of the most annoying things about downloading apps from the web is not getting alerted when a new update comes out. APK UPDATER solves that issue by automatically analyzing all of your installed apps and then checking popular websites such as APK MIRROR, APTOID, and F DROID to let you know if any app updates are available. If there are? you just simply tap on install within the updates panel. If the update comes from APK mirror it’ll take you to the website to download and install the updated APK or if it’s from f droid it’ll let you install the new update from within APK updater. I honestly love using this app to update most of my google apps since their updates always arrive way faster on APK mirror instead of the play store. It works well doesn’t have any ads and it’s completely free to download off Github speaking of the play store maybe you’re tired of Google knowing everything you download and use.

A great alternative is AURORA STORE it’s just like any other app marketplace letting you download and update apps but the best part is that every app on here comes directly from google servers. You won’t need to worry about any apps possibly having malware plus Aurora store has a few extra features that the play store doesn’t have. It lets you download any apps without a google account. You can completely spoof your device model language and location. It can automatically install APK bundles without needing to use a split APK installer. An app’s description page will let you know if the app contains ads or trackers and the interface is modded and clean. The only downside is that you won’t be able to purchase apps but other than that it’s the best way to stay away from Google’s ecosystem.

How to man an iOS feature that I’m jealous of is that you can double-tap or even triple-tap the back of the iPhone to open a task or an app or a shortcut etc. Android phones don’t have this feature but you can download TAP TAP from XDA LABS to get it when enabled. I can double-tap the back of my phone to launch google assistant double-tap it again immediately after to launch another task such as switching to my last used app and I can even enable a triple tap action to launch something else. It works flawlessly and within tap tap, I can customize the actions make certain restrictions such as turning off the taps.

When the screen is off and even changing the sensitivity almost every social app including Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube has an alternative client. I haven’t seen one for Instagram until now BARINSTA is the alternative and it has almost all the same Instagram features and a few more. You can see all of your friends posts and stories like photos comment bookmark and share reply and receive to your direct messages search for profiles and see yours as well add multiple accounts and find new posts within the discover pane. On top of that you get a few extra features that Instagram doesn’t have such as being able to download any posts or story batch download selected posts from your person’s profile. You can view a person’s story or read their DMS without letting them know that you read them change the layout of your feed or profile to view more posts at once. It has no more ads, the only thing you can’t do is upload a picture video or story which can be a big disadvantage but if you never really post that much anyways then this won’t really bother you. It’s just the perfect alternative for those who want to stay up to date with their friends or families but also want a bit more privacy.

Last but not least if you have a mid-range or low-budget smartphone chances are the camera quality is mediocre or just straight up bad by downloading a google camera port or GCAM app. There’s a possibility of improving the overall picture quality. Since the pixel camera has arguably the best camera software enhancements of any smartphone. I say possibility because with GCAM that’s not always the case by installing a GCAM port on my OnePlus Nord I noticed that it provided more accurate results when comparing the colors, shadows and contrast. It even fixed the overexposure problem that I kept on having when using the regular oxygen OS camera. I even compared the shots side by side with pictures taken on a Pixel 5 and the results were very similar. The only difference that I could see is that the colors were a bit more saturated on the OnePlus Nord but that’s about it but as for the nighttime shots the story changes with the regular OnePlus camera providing way better results than the GCAM app. As I said before depending on what type of phone you have results may vary. For example, when using GCAM on the galaxy note 10 plus the colors weren’t accurate at all the pictures just came out looking blue and to top it off the app didn’t even support the ultra-wide lens unlike the OnePlus Nord version however nighttime shots came out looking way better with the GCAM app so it’s a hit or miss situation either way. There’s no one universal APK or a single configuration that works on all these phones every camera module is different. The website does provide instructions and a video tutorial on how to get installed on your phone correctly so it shouldn’t be too bad either way those are some of the best android apps that you can install outside of the play store.

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