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Why you’re going to love the Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G?
Mi 10i look

Why you’re going to love the Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G? 

Mi 10t lite aka Redmi Note 9 Pro or Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G is going to be one of your favorite phones, Let’s have a look.


Number one has got to be the backs and the color schemes. I feel like Xiaomi just nailed the color schemes of this Mi 10t light and Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G and this gorgeous gradient Blue and Rose Gold beach are some of the two favorite finishes of the entire year.

I’m pretty certain that Xiaomi is not going to change the look of these phones. I do like the matte texture of the Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G light a bit more but you can also get that same version of this phone with the 108-megapixel camera in the rose gold beach as well. 

The odd color out here is really black, which is a nice kind of subtle look but I really do prefer these two-color schemes and I think you will also love the color of the Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G as well.

Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G Colors

The second big reason you’re going to love the Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G is its display. It’s the same 6.67-inch IPS LCD display at 120 hertz. It’s a terrific panel, it’s not to the level of the Mi 10t Pro. 

I think it offers the best mid-range LCD experience. With a lot of the same features that we see on the Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G Pro like reading mode 3.0.

Most importantly the Mi 10i will have adaptive sync on board which means you’ll be able to make the most of this super smooth 120-hertz refresh rate without sacrificing on battery life.

Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G display

Speaking of battery life this is the third big reason why you’re going to love the Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G because of the 4820 capacity on this phone. 

We’ve seen larger capacities from recent phones like the POCO X3 NFC, like the Poco M3. Let me tell you this phone can go the distance and it actually performed as well as Mi 10t Pro which has a 5000-milliamp battery in my battery drain test and you’ll have no problem lasting a day and a half maybe even two days with light use on this Mi 10i.

Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G Qualcomm-Snapdragon-750G
Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G Qualcomm-Snapdragon-750G

The fourth reason you will love the Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G is the performance. Snapdragon 750g with eight Gigs of RAM 256 Gigs of storage and I’m getting three hundred thirty thousand AnTuTu scores. 

The most important thing is that in day-to-day use it is a really smooth just buttery experience. I’ve essentially noticed absolutely no difference in performance between this phone and the Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G. Which is the blueprint really for the Mi 10i.

Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G 108 mp camera

I think number five that you’re going to love the Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G is the camera now in this case the Mi 10t lite has a 64-megapixel IMX 682. 

While the Redmi Note 9 Pro 5g is the blueprint. In terms of cameras for the Mi 10i with the lowest cost. A 108-megapixel camera that Xiaomi has ever released. 

It did a solid job. With more software optimizations, it will only get better. With an additional 8-megapixel ultrawide camera with 4k 30fps shooting capability, I think this is a well-rounded mid-range to the upper mid-range xamera. 

The fact that it includes the star of the show here 108-megapixels for the price of this phone. I think you’re going to love the cameras on the Mi 10i.

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