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Best 20 Android Apps of 2021
top 20 android apps
Android Apps

Best 20 Android Apps of 2021 

2021 is finally here, and I’m so glad that 2020 is over with to start the year off right. I wanted to show you 20 amazing android apps that you probably didn’t even know existed.

A lot of android apps are also free to download, and none of them is sponsored or in other words, have paid me to include them in this blog.

Best 20 Android Apps Of 2021 you should try

I genuinely think that every single one of these apps are fantastic. No matter how many downloads they have so thumbs up for that.

top 20 android apps

The first android app of 2021 is Beta Maniac for those of you who don’t know. Some apps have a beta program in the play store that you can join to get the newest features before it released to the public, but it’s kind of hard to figure out which of your apps have a beta program.

If you use beta maniac, it’ll scan all of your installed apps and quickly tell you which of your apps have an open beta program, and you can even join it within the app itself. 

Some of the play store apps limit the number of people who can join their beta program. So, once they’re full, you can’t participate unless some users leave or the developer expands the limits. 

Beta Maniac will scan the beta programs periodically and will send you a notification. Once a closed beta program opens back up, it’s beneficial, and I’ve never found myself uninstalling it.


Suppose you’re annoyed by apps or websites having intrusive ads or want to protect your privacy by blocking malware tracking phishing. 

In that case, you can use personal DNS filter to block any ads and filter out unwanted hosts within your apps or websites. Just by allowing it to make a VPN connection and ensure the enable blocking checked. 

The app will block those unwanted scripts. You can also whitelist apps to support developers who aren’t overusing pop-up ads and honestly the best thing regarding this app is that it is on the play store and it’s entirely free. These types of android apps usually tend to get removed from the play store.


The next android app you’re going to want to pull out your old family pictures because it will let you turn your black and white photos into a Colorized digital image. 

The app is called Colorize, and within it, you press and hold the record button, scan crop and Colorize the photograph, and then save it to your device or share it. 

It honestly works like magic and works well. It also shocks me how this app has less than a thousand downloads, especially since it has unlimited photo Colorization and you can save or share your Colorized pictures as many times as you’d like. 

Just keep in mind that the app does have 3d trials to scan all of my photos right away.

Tap Tap

If you’re trying to avoid buying a subscription a cool feature within iOS 14, you can double-tap or even triple-tap the iPhone’s to launch a specific task such as the camera flashlight shortcut etc. 

Android phones don’t have this feature, but you can download an app called Tap Tap to get it so, I set my phone to launch google assistant when I double-tap the back and double-tap it again immediately after it’ll launch another task such as switching to my last used app. 

I can even enable a triple tap action to launch something else like the camera app or quick screenshot within Tap Tap you can customize. 

The actions have certain restrictions when the taps shouldn’t be enabled, such as when the screen is off because that would be annoying and even change the gesture’s sensitivity. 

It’s not on the play store, but it is still free to download off Github.


With most of you using headphones to listen to music, you may not be getting the full audio listening experience to begin with stock android doesn’t even have an equalizer. 

So, you can’t even optimize your sound, and even if it did, there are so many headset models out there that a simple equalizer with a few presets still wouldn’t give you the best quality possible. 

That’s why you should download Wavelet, since the app supports over 2700 pre-calculated presets for specific headphone models so within the app once you’ve connected to your headset wireless or not, an option will pop up called auto EQ. 

You’ll be able to search for your headphone model. If you find it your sound will be a lot more neutral cancelling out any manufacturer specific preset equalization. 

I’ve managed to find a headphone profile for my galaxy buds plus and now the sounds have a much richer tone. If you like to increase the bass or get more effects, you’ll need to make an in-app purchase to unlock the app’s features.

Bluetooth Audio Device Widgets

I’m not going to lie whenever; I connect to a Bluetooth device such as my speakers or headphones. The process is pretty annoying. 

I need to jump into the settings through various menus and tap on the Bluetooth device to connect to it now with Bluetooth Audio Device Widgets

I no longer need to do that I place a widget on my home screen that will automatically connect to my desired Bluetooth device by tapping on it and once I’m done jamming out. 

I can tap on it again to disconnect pretty usefully, and within the app, I can even enable a quick settings tile, set a specific volume level etc.

Access Dots

Moving on I’m not sure if you know this, but whenever you grant an android app access to your phone’s camera or microphone, they can use it silently in the background. 

It’s scary that’s why I downloaded Access Dots which puts a dot in the top right corner of the screen for whenever your camera or microphone is being used, the green dot is for the camera, and the orange one is for the microphone.

Super Status Bar

Necessary and straightforward, if you ever wanted to customize your status bar the best way to do so is with Super Status Bar.

This android app adds many useful features to it; for example, I can change the brightness or volume level by just swiping left or right. 

I can get a preview of my notifications without having those obtrusive heads-up pop-ups. Android users will remember this from the android Lollipop days. 

You can also change the theme of the status bar. Such as having it look like iOS, Samsung’s one UI, Mi Ui etc. 

You can change the color and have the color match the app’s theme that you opened have a battery bar to show you the battery level of your device and even have gestures such as tapping on the status bar to do specific tasks or launch apps.

Volume Style

You won’t find any other android app that does it better than the Super Status Bar. Now that you’ve modified your status bar, you can use Volume Styles to change your volume panel’s look.

The best part is that it’s been created by the same developer who created the previous app. You can make your volume controls look like the ones found within iOS, One Ui 3 Mi Ui Oxygen OS, Windows 10, the old iOS volume panel.

You can have a volume knob I mean the list goes on and on, and these sliders are very fluid and instantly change the volume level.

It works so well that I sometimes even forget that it’s an app that did this. The best part is that they even have community styles so you can use other people’s creations to get a fresh look.

That’s why I love using this over the competition plus. You can customize a lot more such as adding a brightness slider changing its position dimming the background etc.


If you ever want to share the internet connection between your android phone and computer Tetrd is the best option but allows USB debugging from within the developer options connecting your phone to your desktop with a USB cable.

Downloading their server application to your PC download link is in the description and then within the app pressing connect and then your preferred tether mode. 

You’ll be able to browse the website on your computer using your phone’s mobile data, or you may scroll through Instagram on your phone with the wifi connection from the computer. 

This is the best if your carrier doesn’t allow you to have an unlimited hotspot or if your phone is having a hard time connecting to your wi-fi. Still, your computer has a stable connection since it’s connected via an ethernet cable.

Don't Kill My App

What if your phone is silently killing apps in the background when you lock your device or how fast or frequently it kills those apps but with a benchmark app called Don’t Kill My App

It will let you know if your phone is overkilling background tasks while the screen is off. You tap on start benchmark and select how long you’d like the test to run for longer the better. 

Once you start the test, you shouldn’t charge your phone or use it until the time is up. Otherwise, you may not get the exact results. 

You can edit early if you prefer and once the test is finished, you’ll get a score the closer you are to 100. The better since it’ll indicate that your phone is doing a great job of handling background apps otherwise if you have a low rating and a ton of random white space in the graph, you’ll know that your phone is overkilling. 

If that’s the case, the app will let you know how to limit background restrictions. I’ve tried it on most of my devices, and I found that OnePlus phones are the worst at handling background apps.


I know some of you love to customize your home screen but keeping up to date with all the latest customization apps such as wallpapers icon packs widgets etc. can be a bit tough luckily an app called Bitlit keeps you up to date.

It’ll inform you of every app update promo code giveaway new app launches etc., and they categorize everything well. 

I’ve discovered so many phenomenal customization apps, and it’s incredible to know which apps still have an active developer, plus it’s completely free with no apps.


If you continuously receive spam notifications or want a better way to control your notifications instead of just turning them off thoroughly check out Buzzkill.

It’s a notification manager that lets you create automated actions, and when a message matches a rule, it’ll follow it. 

For example, one of the rules that I made is that when I receive a notification from the phone app containing the keywords missed or call, it’ll remind me to call them back every 30 minutes or messages me multiple times. 

In quick successions, I can have them only buzz me once instead of numerous times. Those are just a few examples with endless possibilities and the best part is that there are a ton of pre-created rules that can be enabled quickly under the explore tab.

Quick Cursor

If you have a big phone, you know the struggle of trying to use it with one hand, I got sick of the hand repositioning, so I downloaded Quick Cursor.

This app helps me reach those top areas on the screen easily since. A cursor will pop up whenever I swipe from the edges of the screen.

I can drag it around to move the cursor and tap on it to click the pad then disappears when I tap away from it. it’s perfect for when I try to tap on Instagram stories or reach the top toolbar.

The only annoyance is that those back gestures can’t get in the way. If you’re on android ten or above, you’ll need to expand the trigger size to an appropriate amount to avoid any overlaps.

Smash File Transfer

If you’re looking to transfer some big files quickly and easily, Smash File Transfer is a fantastic option. The app is excessively straightforward; you tap on the smash button and select the file or files you like to send.

Once it finishes uploading, you can share the link with anyone, including desktop users and then you can download the files easily. 

It has no file size limits, no compression the files are available to download for an entire week, and your transfer data stays encrypted. It’s simple free, and no signing is needed.

Vivaldi Browser

Looking for an alternative browser? because you’re tired of using Chrome, check out Vivaldi browser. It’s mostly focused on your privacy and has many unique features that most browsers don’t have. 

You get an ad blocker, native protection against ads, you can force enable dark mode on all sites. There’s a tab bar interface to easily switch between your tabs, screenshot a web page without grabbing the entire screen, and a lot more. 

The browser is also very snappy. I had no trouble scrolling through large web pages or opening multiple links at a time. It’s one of my new favorite browsers.

Edge Block

If you only curved phone and frequently find yourself having accidental palm touches Edge Block is your hero. 

It just blocks the touchscreen on the screen edges and depends on how much curve your screen has. You can increase the width of the secured area.


There are hundreds of thousands of games on the play store that you can download, and most of the good ones are hidden deep within the trenches.

If you’re tired of the play store’s lack of game discoverability check out Mini-Review. This app is run by an Android gamer who’s also a YouTuber, and he reviews a ton of games. 

Within this app, you’ll be able to tell how amazing a game is. Through a 10-point rating system, there’s a brief description of the author’s overall experience and a 5-star rating on the controls, gameplay, monetization etc. 

The best part is that you can filter the search results to find your favorite type of games. Honestly, it’s helped me find some extremely addicting gems, and it’s much more pleasant to use than the play store’s somewhat biased interface.

Auto Sync

If you tend to use multiple cloud storages, you can sync them all up using Auto Sync you need to log into whatever storage devices you have, whether it be googling drive OneDrive, Dropbox, Mega etc.

Then you create a folder within your phone storage and within your cloud storages called auto-sync. This can be done through the app.

Every time you put something in that folder whether it be your phone storage or the cloud storage, that file will automatically sync to everything.

Touch Locker

Last but not least, if you ever want to lock the screen of your phone or tablet. Say you’re giving it to a toddler to watch a movie or play music and you don’t want them to start messing with your apps accidentally. 

I recommend you download Touch Locker, it puts a notification in your notification panel, and whenever you want to lock the screen, you tap on the lock button, and that’s it. 

To unlock the screen again, you swipe down on the status bar and press the unlock button.

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