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Samsung Galaxy S21: A detailed overview
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Samsung Galaxy S21: A detailed overview 

As 2020 comes to a close, I can’t help but feel exhausted thinking about every smartphone we’ve had to review here but as much as I want to take a short break it appears, we might not have time for that. The first smartphone launch event happening in 2021 is expected to come sooner than you think. Samsung is reportedly scheduled to launch its next top-of-the-line smartphone in early January and from what I’ve heard there’s plenty to be excited about.

Samsung Galaxy S Series

In its early days, the Galaxy’s line would increase in single-digit increments every year. Galaxy s2, s3, s4 to S10, then last year it skipped 10 digits and went all the way to S20 bringing it in sync with the year 2020 and I guess that was the plan all along this year. The next smartphone won’t be called the s30 instead, it will be the s21 so it still matches the year. It’s announced just like last year there will be three variants namely the s21, s21 Plus, and s21 Ultra. More on the differences between the three models later so this is what the Galaxy s21 will look like.

galaxy s21

Teasers from Samsung have echoed what we’ve seen in leaked renders. The biggest design feature is what’s on the back while there’s no way. Camera modules are getting smaller in 2021 Samsung’s embracing it and keeping everything as an element on the top left side of the phone. It’s almost flushed against the rest of the frame so it doesn’t stick out from the phone that much. I like it and can’t wait to get a feel for it like the most recent Note Series. The s21 will also sport a matte finish that’s less likely to pick up smudges.

Samsung Galaxy S21

Let’s talk about colors these next photos are courtesy of On the s21 there’s going to be a Phantom Violet, Phantom Pink, Phantom Grey, and Phantom White model, while the s21 plus will come in Phantom Violet, Phantom Silver, and Phantom Black. where s21 ultra will only come in Phantom Silver and Phantom Black.  Trim and camera modules differ depending on which phone color you get, it’s like an accent color on the Violet and Pink s21s which have a Copper trim and camera module while it’s the same like on the Pink Silver, and Black models. All three phones come in different sizes 6.2, 6.7, and 6.8 inches respectively. Roughly the same size as last year’s models with the bigger frame also comes bigger batteries from 4000 to 5000 on the Ultra and last but not the least the s21 and s21 plus will have three cameras for your usual. Ultra-wide, wide, and Telephoto while the s21 ultra will have four cameras including a second-generation 108-megapixel sensor on its main camera and two telephoto cameras one with 3x zoom and one with 10x zoom.

Exynos 2100

Despite the negative sentiment received by Exynos versions of Samsung phones last year which were outperformed by their Qualcomm counterparts more significantly than ever before. There will continue to be two variants of the s21 depending on where you live, for example, US models will run on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 Processor while other regions will get Exynos 2100. the good news is that early benchmarks suggest that the Exynos outperforms the new Snapdragon but of course we’ll have to wait and see at the very least.

45-watt charger

Hopefully, they’re pretty much even stevens here in the US, Samsung stopped shipping headphones with the galaxy note series and it looks like unboxing reviews will have less to talk about next year with Samsung doing an apple and not including a charger in the box. I’m curious to see if the s21 will support Samsung’s 45-watt charger and if charging speeds will improve as a result.


It’s long been rumored that S Pen support will come to the S Line and will no longer be a note exclusive and a recent blog post by Samsung President for mobile added more fuel to the fire telling us to expect some favorite aspects of the Galaxy Note experience. With some of its well-loved features coming to other devices in the lineup it’s believed and the s21 Ultra will have S pen support. Reports suggest you can either buy the S pen separately or as a bundle with a case of some kind.


As for pricing notable Germany based Leakster Roland Quant tweeted this rumored pricing for the s21 is 849 Euros, 1,049 Euros for the s21 plus, and 1,350 Euros for the s21 ultra that’s roughly the same price as last year. So most likely we’re not seeing an increase across the board and that’s everything we know about the Samsung galaxy s21 ultra as a caveat. Do note that all of this is based on speculation and rumors but we will find out real soon to make sure you don’t miss any of our coverage of the s21 launch.

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